Replacing the manual ‘random’ draw of previous years, BRKC 2016 uses an innovative new heat selection process.

BRKC consists of 4 ’rounds’ of heats, with each driver competing in one heat per round.

From 2016, an algorithm will be used to create a set of races in which every driver competes with the largest spread of different drivers possible over the course of the championship.

A ‘Live Heat Draw’ takes place on the Friday preceding BRKC. Each driver is allocated a number which automatically slots them into each of their respective heats, avoiding the problem of drivers racing against the same competitors more than once.




BRKC host circuit, Formula Fast, is  renowned for its kart parity, with regular fleet testing to meet a strict target tolerance of 0.2 seconds from the fastest to the slowest karts.

The fleet tests themselves are conducted by a select few experienced racers, with multiple rounds of testing to take into account track, kart and atmospheric variables.

Test-drivers deliver feedback on handling and performance to the circuit mechanics, who make adjustments and re-submit the kart for further testing.

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In a sport where weight is crucial, the Sodi GT5 kart features a ballast system allowing each kart to be individually weighted.

The British Rental Kart Championship offers the chance for each driver to race on an equal standing by imposing a minimum weight limit of 90kg in full race gear.

Up to 20kg is provided by the host circuit if a driver requires it. The top 3 drivers and one randomly selected driver are then weight checked by the officials post-race.

Drivers who are considerably lighter than the 90kg limit (including kart ballast) are encouraged to use their own weight systems, the most popular being a weighted seat insert.





BRKC races feature one compulsory pitstop to add a tactical element to the racing.

Pitstop strategy is crucial, and from 2016 will feature an all new technological innovation for precise measurement of each driver’s pitstop.

As the driver enters the ‘stop box’ in the pitlane, a laser activates a red traffic light instructing the driver to stop. After a pre-determined time on ‘stop’, the system activates a green light allowing the driver to continue.

A false start will trigger a separate warning light, notifying both officials and drivers that they must pit again to complete a full stop.



BRKC prides itself on being a competitive but fair championship. Contact is not allowed and the emphasis is on quality racecraft rather than getting ahead at all costs!

The host circuit employ a team of knowledgeable professionals with many years experience as both drivers and officials. They keep a close, unbiased view on the racing and driver conduct on & off the track to ensure a fair competition.

As a result, the BRKC has flourished into one of the most friendly and highly regarded championships in the UK, and the only UK rental karting championship to be awarded ‘official qualifier’ status for the Kart World Championship.